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Declutter Your Life Transformative Meditation

Declutter Your Life Transformative Meditation

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Declutter Your Life Transformative Meditation is a deep meditation practice clearing the inner blocks and programming that stand in your way of letting go of things and beliefs that no longer serves you in your life.


This audio recording will allow you to:


  • Remove the inner blocks
  • Stop feeling ashamed about your physical, digital and mental environment
  • Release the unrealistic expectations about your environment 
  • Create a more realistic picture of what serves you and gives you energy
  • Trust your intuition to make better decisions for yourself 
  • Find the motivation to take care of your physical, digital and mental environment 
  • Allow your body to relax and experience tranquillity fully 
  • Change the sub-conscious programming that was inherited from others but doesn't fit you any longer
  • Accept the environment you live in and find inner resources to create a better one


Recommendation: listen to this recording every night for 30 days before sleep. 

The second month - every second night before sleep. 

After that - for as long as it feels needed. 


It is normal to fall asleep during this meditation but don't worry, the meditation is effective even if you are asleep. 


Author and producer - Ignas Meskauskas. All rights reserved. 


The recording is professional. 

The recording is 16 minutes long. 


Due to the digital nature of the product, no refund is available. 

All purchases are final. 





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