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Workshops &
In-House Training

Many employees struggle with a lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and sleep deprivation. Additionally, many are experiencing unhealthy amounts of stress and find it difficult to balance their home and personal lives. It's time to change that.

Our mission is to maintain the balance and health of your employees. Through Practical Wellness Workshops & Training programs our goal is to help you keep your employees happy, energized and productive at work.


Our nutrition, energy and work-life balance packages can be delivered both onsite and online.

Workshops, webinars and one-on-one coaching are available wherever your employees work.

Support employees by actively contributing to employee vitality, reducing absenteeism, reducing (health) costs, and increasing positive work attitudes and organizational loyalty.

We’re Good with Numbers


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  • Half of the Dutch population does not exercise enough. (Based on the Dutch exercise guideline.) (Source: CBS)

  • Only a quarter of the Dutch population meets the guidelines for a healthy diet. (Source: RIVM)

  • More than half of the Dutch experience an unhealthy amount of stress at work. (Source: AD)

  • About 1 in 3 employees suffer from work pressure. (Source: FNV)

  • Almost a quarter of the Dutch have sleeping problems. (Source: CBS)

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