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Overcome your fears and create a more confident and happier life

Welcome to Better Than Ever You online group coaching program. This 8 weeks coaching program is designed to help you get unstuck in life and become confident about the life choices you want to make

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What is Better Than Ever You?

This is an online group coaching program that will help you become the most confident version that you have ever been so far. In 8 weeks' time, you will learn the full formula on how to get to the place where you can make confident decisions regarding six different areas of your life: food, movement, career, money, love and most important relationship with yourself. 

Over the last decade, the founder of Practical Wellness has mastered the art of self-confidence and how to live the most fulfilled life. He now coaches people around the world on these skills and techniques.

In the Better Than Ever You course you will learn his entire formula for how to wake up every morning and be certain about your life, and how to overcome the fears that are holding you back in achieving the greatest potential you were born to become. 

No experience or prior knowledge is needed to participate in this program. Below you can find more information on what you will learn throughout this program. 

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Why Better Than Ever You?

  • This program will teach you how to conquer your inner critic and not let it get in your way


  • By participating in this program you will find direction, embrace change, build career-strengthening habits and get into action

  • This program will help you build, enhance or restore confidence in yourself


  • Ignas uses skills and techniques from various disciplines including positive psychology, body-mind connection, and health coaching to foster the experience of becoming the best version of yourself

  • Exclusive guided meditations that will allow you to become present and relaxed

What do others think of this program?


Sandra 28, Manchester

"Before Better Than Ever You group coaching program, I was afraid of expressing my ideas. But now I do it with ease and confidence. I have found in my group one of the most important things that every person needs at some point in their lives - is a support system. Ignas made us feel at ease by being very friendly and easygoing, yet he was also able to tell me straight up what I needed to hear. We had an open relationship where we were able to talk about anything that was bothering us but never once did he push or manipulate our relationship in any way other than to give advice we both needed"

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Ramon 31, Berlin

"I didn't know what to expect before joining this program. I must say that I try each year a different group coaching program because I love to learn and connect with new people. Compared to all of my experiences with such programs Better Than Ever You is fantastic! I must say Ignas is delivering a lot of information and an intense program. Each week there would be homework to do and a live session with all of us via Zoom. I truly enjoyed bonus individual coaching sessions because they also helped me to answer any questions I had when working individually. The end result? I realized that my career was not fulfilling me anymore and I was able confidently to make my next moves. I changed my job 2 months after the program which allowed me to earn 30K EUR more per year. I would never be brave and confident enough to take such a leap of faith without this practical program"

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Roxy 42, Amsterdam

"Two years ago I got out of my toxic relationships and I wanted to find love again. I didn't know why I felt so stuck all the time. I would go on dates but was never feeling like I could show myself for who I am. Going through this program I started working on myself: journaling and meditations helped me calm myself down, and interesting tips & tricks that Ignas gave us about food and movement have shifted how I felt on a daily basis because I finally started prioritizing my health. You won't believe this because I hardly believe it myself but I was so busy transforming myself that I forgot to open the dating app for quite some time. In week 6 when we talk about relationships with ourselves and others I checked my app and I found over 20 notifications of the guys asking me out. This time, I was deciding whom I want to meet and not all the way around by "running after guys". I have arrived at a new place in my life. I will just say that this program changes people. For good!"

The Better Than Ever You
program is for people who are ready to...

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Discover The Next Big Thing

  • Find out what is your next best career step

  • Ditch the quitter mentality

  • Get over your ex-job

  • Slow down so you can speed up

  • Land that dream job so that you can truly feel fulfilled


Work On The Inner Game

  • Connect with your creativity so you never lose motivation

  • Have a bigger picture in mind and not micromanage

  • Create calmness when there is chaos around you 

  • Create realistic expectations vs unrealistic

  • Manage the stress

Taking Action Is Your New Best Friend

  • Write your own success story

  • Deal with and respond to your environment at work

  • Honour your career needs

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs for good

  • Appreciate others in a way you never did


This is what you get when you join this program

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Live Session

8 weekly group online coaching sessions 

Emergency Email

Unlimited emergency email support between the sessions

Learning Platform

6 Months access to all the materials


Coaching exercises that are GUARANTEED to create results 

Guided Meditations

6 different guided meditations

Closed Community

Closed Facebook Group for help, advice and inspiration

Video Lessons

10+ video lessons delivered over 8 weeks program

Checklists & PDFs

10+ Customized Done-For-You materials such as checklists


Various bonuses that you will find out during the program

Here is the breakdown of what to expect from this program weekly


Why Underneath the Why?
Finding your purpose and defining your goals for the program


My Relationship With Movement
Discovering your authentic movement, mental rehearsal


My Relationship With Money
Rewiring your programming about money and abundance


My Relationship With That Which Is Greater
The power of forgiveness, woundology


My Relationship With Food
Exploring mindful eating, reprogramming the diet mentality


My Relationship With Career
Giving your job a facelift, dare to desire experiment


My Relationship With Love
Self-love practises and appreciative communication toward others


My Relationship With Me/ My New Norm

A New Better Than Ever You! 

Closing down ceremony


The question is... do you want it or not?


The course starts on 28th September 2022

Let's build together the most confident version of you that you have always been dreaming about with the Better Than Ever You program

On the 28th of September let's kick off the total fresh start for you! 

Use a special early bird discount if you join the program before the 24th of September

€ 697, - incl. taxes

€ 487, - incl. taxes 

Payment plans are available! 

Need help ordering or have questions- email us at

Or schedule a 30 minutes clarity call with Ignas to answer any questions before enrolling

Don't sweat the small stuff.
100% Money back guarantee

We are so devoted to your transformation and so committed to delivering an unforgettable journey, that we feel confident in offering you this Fulfillment Promise. If you dive in and participate fully, do all of the work, show up live on each call, and you’re not still not overjoyed with this course for any reason, you will get 100% of your money back. No hard feelings.

Still not convinced? 

Scrolled down all the way to here and still need a little encouragement? Deal! 

Every participant who will enrol before 20th September will receive

two private 45 minutes online coaching sessions to help you get the most out of this course

This will be the best investment you have ever made


Use a special early bird discount if you join the program before the 5th of September

€ 697, - incl. taxes

€ 487, - incl. taxes 

Payment plans are available! 

Enrol Today And Get The Best Value


1) Can I access the course today?

You can enrol on this course to save your spot but the course and all the digital materials will be available as of 28th September 2022. 

2) Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Please see the payment options once you press Join Now button. 

3) What do I need to prepare?

There is no special preparation needed. Bring an open mind and prepare for intense weeks to come as you will become the Best Version Of Yourself!

4) I don't live in the Netherlands. Can I still participate in this course?

Yes. People around the world can enrol on this program because the classes will take place over Zoom. We do encourage you to check the time zones and arrange your schedule accordingly. 

5) What is the schedule for this course?

The program officially starts on 28th September and finishes on November 16th. The live Zoom sessions will take place every Wednesday at 7 PM Central European Time (CET). If you cannot make it to participate in the live session, the recording of the session will be available to watch for the next 5 days on the online learning platform so you won't miss anything. 

You will have access to all the learning materials on the online platform for 6 months after the program is finished. 

6) How long are the sessions?

Every online group session is planned to last around 90 minutes each week. If you enrol on the program before 10th September you are qualified for additional 2 private coaching sessions of 45 minutes each