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Easy Way to Break a Water Fast

This article is related to the I HAD NO FOOD FOR 5 DAYS article. Check it out if you haven't read it yet.

Breaking the fast correctly is one of the most important parts of water fasting.

"It takes a fool to fast but it takes a genius to break it" - proverb.

As you know I broke my water fast on Day 5 with freshly squeezed juice. I follow a couple advices from other people who did the water fast as well. There are some general rules on how you can break the water fast. It comes down to how long you have been fasting essentially.

Fasting Times

For people who fasten for 6 - 24 hours, no general rules should apply. You can begin eating as you would normally do. Personally, I would advise taking it easy and slowly by drinking a glass of juice or preparing a smoothie. After that move on with stronger meals throughout the day.

For people who fasten between 24 - 72 hours, I strongly recommend the first day just consume juice/smoothies and eat some berries/fruit. The longer you fast, the longer you should take it easy on your stomach and digestive system.

For people who fasten for more than 72+ hours - it is important to take it extremely easy and begin the re-feeding process by drinking juice/smoothies throughout the first day. On the second day, breakfast & lunch should only be juice/smoothie and then later on eating berries/fruit throughout the day. My advice on day 3 for breakfast - is berries/fruit, and for the lunch - light salads. Depending on how you are feeling, dinner can potentially be steamed vegetables.

Some general rules on breaking the fast:

  • Continue to drink loads of water as it will help you to prolong the results of water fast

  • Be conscious when starting the re-feeding process

  • Drink/eat slowly and allow your digestive system to process it

  • Continue to rest for a couple of upcoming days and take it easy

  • Don’t stress

  • Be proud of the results you have achieved after your fast is over.

If you want to know more about the Re-Feeding process and which exact foods I had after the water fast, I have prepared a short FREE PDF guide: "Easy Way to Break the Water Fast (with 4 delicious recipes)"

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