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Facing burnout? You're not alone.

Mindfulness training programs for resilient professionals seeking to prevent burnout, regain motivation, and cultivate lasting habits. Our programs are designed to help you develop a mindfulness practice that will enhance your personal and professional life


Regain your life

Hi, I'm Ignas, and I'm here to help you feel more alive and change your daily habits.

Every day, I meet people who seem stuck in tough situations.

I'm here to gently encourage you and be someone who reflects on what you might not want to see.

When you join my community, you'll see positive changes in your life.


Explore meditations


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Coaching programs


At my mindfulness coaching practice, I provide personalized one-on-one courses that are designed to help you find balance, discover your inner peace and become the best version of yourself. Choose from my range of courses, such as 'Better Than Ever You,' 'Burnout Prevention,' and 'Life Transformation,' and embark on a journey of self-improvement - new bookings will be available soon in 2024. Please subscribe to be informed about new available spots.

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Don't sweat the small stuff

14-day Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident that you'll love my mindfulness training programs. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. 



“I didn't know that I needed Mindfulness in my life until I tried it.”

Jen S.

“It took only 1 session to start noticing myself living calmly.”

Mike T.

“I love the calmer and more confident version of myself.”

Sarah L.

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