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What else can open up in your life if you would be more confident?
Or more relaxed? What if everything you dream of can actually become true? 

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Hello there!

I am a passionate and fiery self-confidence coach who believes that changing the world starts from changing ourselves first. 

I am a certified health & life coach. 

I help high-achievers who are struggling in believing in themselves build confidence so they become unstoppable. 

Additionally, I provide training and workshops to companies on employees' wellbeing, mental health and burnout prevention.


Ignas is a great coach. He was easy to communicate with, he listens well and is genuine. He has a natural kind demeanour about him for which I'm so grateful as he encouraged me along in ways I could improve. He was honest and gentle all in one.

Candi - Account Manager - NY, USA

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Welcome to Practical Wellness


Create the life you want to live

I early understood that true happiness and confidence should be radiating from within. In every human.

Inspired by different events that happened in my life and the experiences I gained through various education forms, I managed to end up working for top companies in the world.

No matter the industry, no matter the level, I noticed that whenever people would enter a new chapter of their lives, they struggle with the same:

  • Self-Image

  • Self-Confidence

  • Self-Worth

My natural instinct for looking for the best solutions and being results-oriented lead me to become a certified Health & Life Coach and open my own practice. Now I help different people all around the world who struggle with self-confidence, bad habits and low energy.