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Working From Home/Staying Inside during the Corona Crisis

Updated: Apr 1

The worlds as we all know has recently changed. In these challenging times we are all advised to stay inside and practise social distancing. This phrase became daily in our vocabulary. In order not to go insane, I created a few habits for myself that I try to practise almost every day while staying inside. In this article I want to share 5 tips on what can you do to increase your immune system and use your time productively.

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Tip number one: practise the same habits as it nothing would have happened. What I mean by that is - keep on getting up and going back to sleep at the same time as you would usually do. Have your shower and breakfast as well, do not skip those, as it fuels you and prepares you for the rest of the day. If you are just like me working from home - try to dress up the same clothes as you would go to work. Do your hair right - you are going to have many conference calls and keeping yourself intact - allows you to feel better about the decisions you need to make. Treat your home work the same as your office place. You would not show up in your PJ's and oily hair, would you?

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Tip number two: keep your work environment fresh & clean. You heard me right, in these times where germs can live anywhere and mutate into anything - make sure they are gone from the surfaces you use the most. Keep cleaning daily your keyboard, screen, table, mouse and anything else you come in contact with. Fresh working space not only will allow you to be more organised, it will keep you healthy.

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Tip number three: I like to set up my working or relaxing modes at home by diffusing a few drops of my favourite essential oils. Essential oils have been used since ancient Egyptian times and are highly valuable on the market nowadays. The oil possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. My personally favourite mixes are a few drops of grapefruit, tea tree oil & orange – when I want to have productive working day. Contrary, before going to sleep I mix a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus & tea tree oil to cleanse the air in the bedroom, allow my lungs to refresh and rejuvenate overnight – oh, the good night sleep is guaranteed.

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Tip number four: Be honest, how many times have you promised yourself to start going out less to the restaurant and cook at home? Use this chance and all the free time that comes with that to try new recipes. Allow yourself to play with different colours and tastes from all around the world in your own kitchen. Have you ever tried to make your hummus? You will be surprised that it can only take 5 min to make it! Or those healthy oatmeal recipes that not only look amazingly good but also are rich in nutrients and fibers.

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Tip number five: something I started recently myself is to take 5 to 10 minutes in the morning just for myself by listening to extended list of guided meditation books from Amazon Audible. Knowing that most of the day I will be inside, I want to start my morning by listening to something inspirational. Allowing to have this time for myself helps me to prepare for the day, organise my thoughts and the most importantly allows me to dream and visualise my day up front. What do I want to achieve? Who will I speak to? Is there a friend I haven’t called in a long time & it is time to catch up? Do I experience any pain in my body? What can I do today to make a difference? These and other thoughts sometimes might be running in my head, other times I just let go of everything and breath out, pause for the moment and appreciate my life. I found Amazon’s Audible subscription for only 12.5 $ per month if you join 12-month subscription package. you can access unlimited audio gallery of all kind of books, podcasts, guided wellness programs & news channels. First 30 days are free, and you can cancel at any time. Any book that you have downloaded on your phone or laptop – is owned by you even after the subscription is over. I include the link in the comments section below so you can check it out for yourselves.

It is a lot right now for us to experience, many of us might get uncomfortable because we are so used to be surrounded by people, from the places we are working at to our social circles that we hang out with after work and on the weekends. Even every day might seem the same, we can take this time off to actually get to know ourselves, get to know the people we are living with. Yes, I miss the green grass, being able to freely walk on the streets, I miss my family & friends, I want to see them, but I understand the current situation and I am responsible for my actions. Please, stay inside and practice social distancing. Do not worry, it will get better, the crisis will end and we as humanity will recover. If there is the hope, there is the way.

Check out my newest video on Youtube. I wanted to make this video to show to people that staying inside does not have to be boring or useless. I wanted to use warm colours, accompanied by calm music to send positive vibes over the satellite to everybody. Together, we can all fight this virus & strengthen our immune system. Peace to all of you guys. #staysafe #stayhome #coronavirus #itwillbeoversoon

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