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Top 10 Great Gift Ideas for Him and for Her for Christmas 2020

Every year just before Christmas for some of us can become stressful because we need to think about what kind of gifts we need to find, where to find them and how much would they cost? This year, I've got you covered! I have put the list of my favorite TOP 10 gift ideas that can be easily purchased from Amazon. Because of the current world situation, you can choose their service to get delivered to your loved ones all over the world! What a great way to show your love and support to them.

Here are my TOP 10 Gift recommendations this season:

#1 Herbal Teas from Clipper

Who doesn’t like a lovely cup of tea? Especially in this cold winter, everyone will be happy with a hot cup of tea thinking of you once drinking in the winter evenings. Check my favorite tea here:

#2 Colorful socks from Happy Socks

Cold weather calls for a great clothing. The Winter season tends to be dull and boring color-wise, so why not brighten

up the mood with a colorful and warm pair of socks?!

Check my favorites from Happy Socks here:

#3 Rechargeable Lighter

Whenever we want to start cooking or lighten up the candles we seek the lighter. But sometimes it happens that the lighter is out of gas and does not turn on anymore. Great that nowadays we have sustainable solutions for that. Check out the great rechargeable lighter here:

#4 Natural, vegan Soya Wax Candle

Nothing else can change the mood in the evening as a bright and scented aromatic candle. However, you should know that not all candles are made equally. Some of the candles can contain terrible ingredients which can cause health damage to our loved ones and us. If you want to have safe, ecological, and vegan scented candles, check out these soy wax candles here:

#5 Vegan Clay Powder for Body and Hair

If you have friends who are vegans or people who care deeply about the environment, share with them Vegan clay powder for hair and body. It 100% natural and vegan product that will be loved very quickly by your loved ones. Check it out here:

#6 Reusable and sustainable notebook RocketBook

One of my favorite activities is to sit down, reflect on the past, and also make plans and take care of my agenda. However, I have wasting notebooks and using paper because that is harmful to the environment. I am glad I have discovered sustainable notebooks. One of my favorites is Rocket Book. You can find out more about it here:

#7 Essential Oil Diffuser

If you know someone who loves essential oils and uses them in their house, this is a great gift for them. One of my favorites on the daily basis used device is Essential Oil Diffuser. A great variety of options with different sizes can be found here:

#8 Natural Bamboo Pillows

What is more than a good night’s sleep at night? We all need a proper rest on the daily basis. If you know someone who has problems with falling asleep or wake up unrested, these Bamboo pillows might be the best solution. Check it out here:

#9 Multifunctional Steam Mop

Is she obsessed with cleaning? He does not allow anyone to step into the house with the shoes on? Yes, we all know those people. My recent discovery probably going to be a great gift idea. Check out Electric Steam Mop for anyone who wants to have a spotless floor. Also, this device is multifunctional as you can steam clothes, clean the bathroom tiles, etc. Check it out here:

#10 Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Audible

Love listening to audio books? Know someone who listens to a lot of audiobooks? Check this amazing Amazon Audible Offer. You can choose any amount you want to pay for someone’s subscription:

Enjoy shopping and don't forget to destress by watching my #Vlogmas2020 on Youtube. New Vlog daily!

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