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I bought a new camera and I LOVE IT

It is always a debate between what is more important to buy? Cheap or quality? For me personally, when buying new things is the most important to know how and where I am going to use that. Same strategy I have applied then buying my new Canon EOS M50 camera.

After long research online I found this cute little but yet very powerful photo camera that changed the quality of my Youtube videos and photos on Instagram tremendously.

Here is a small video where I am reviewing CANON M50

The advantages of Canon M50:



Mic input

Image quality

Video quality 4K

Amazing Auto-Focus

Guided Settings

Flip Screen

This camera retails for around 600 EUR or 650 USD. This makes a perfect price/quality ratio. Of course, if you would like to upgrade with different lenses, the price is also different. I bought the body of the camera and 15-45 mm lens.

This camera has an external microphone input. This makes it perfect to increase the audio quality of your videos. As for creating good content audio is as much important as the video.

I love the auto-focus on this camera. It adjusts so quickly and easily. It also has a face-tracking system. So whenever you are vlogging, walking around, your face is always focused.

Auto-Light adjustments. I am not an expert on how to use the camera, therefore, this automatic function is super helpful to understand when you need more light or less light on your video.

Some of the disadvantages:

No integrated image stabilization. Sometimes if you film with this camera and it is not on the tripod, the video might come out a little bit shaky as the camera is sensitive to the movement.

When shooting in 4k, you get cropped out of the image. It is not the same as you are shooting in HQ 1080p.

It has been 2 months already that I am using CANON M50 and I feel how my experience is just improving. I am getting better and learning more about the camera and its functionality. I have to say thanks to Canon because it brought my Youtube on to the next level.

Check the Canon m50 here:

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