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How To Improve Your Gut Health with Gut-Friendly Foods

Gut health is of major importance for our overall well being because it correlates with the brain and it also breaks down the food we consume, which is later turned into vital nutrients.

Expensive prebiotic supplements shouldn’t be your go-to option when you experience gut problems.

The good bacteria your body requires don’t have to come from pills.

In fact, consuming healthy food can impact the amount of “good” bacteria we have in our digestive system.

Today we are investigating further into the topic and we are offering some great tips on how to actually improve your gut health.

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6 Tips To Improve Your Gut Health

1) Change Your Diet

Getting rid of high sugar, trans-fats, and processed food should be your priority if you want your gut to thank you.

Consuming more lean protein such as chicken/turkey breasts, beef topside, fish, and quality fibers (oats, whole-grain bread/pasta, tofu) will benefit your digestive system.

In fact, eating a high-fiber diet has been proven to alter our guts in a positive direction.

2) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking 8 glasses of water per day may sound like the most annoying thing your mom used to tell you, but it is actually true.

Keeping your body hydrated has been shown to have a positive effect on the balance of the good bacteria in our guts.

3) Don’t Rush When Eating

Keeping a slow pace when consuming food is of major importance for the health of your gut.

For this reason, chewing slowly can help you digest your food better and absorb all required nutrients.

Maintaining a healthy gut and reducing digestive discomfort is guaranteed if you stick to this condition.

So, next time when you are trying to eat as fast as you can, slow down for a second, and think how your gut will react if you continue at the same pace.

4) Sleep More

Getting enough uninterrupted sleep is a complicated process for a lot of people, especially those with kids out there.

However, not getting enough quality sleep can have a great impact on your gut health.

Try to prioritize getting at least 7-8 hours a night.

Not only it will help you maintain a healthy gut, but you will also be more productive throughout the day.

5) Eat Fermented Foods

Fermentation is a process where the sugar many foods contain is broken down into bacteria or yeast.

One of the foods, which is easy to get and cheap is yoghurt.

Yoghurt is rich in lactobacilli, which is a bacteria that can benefit your gut health.

It was proven that people who consume a lot of yoghurts have more lactobacilli in their gut.

These people have less chance to experience gut inflammation or any other chronic conditions.

However, keep in mind that there are many sweetened yoghurts out there with a lot of added sugar, which are not beneficial.

Always search for a natural yoghurt with no artificial sweeteners.

6) Eat Dark Chocolate

We can almost see the smiles of all chocolate lovers out there.

Polyphenols, which are plant-based molecules that are rich in fiber, are found in dark chocolate.

They travel to our intestines where microbes use them for fuel.

Other foods and beverages that are rich in polyphenols are:

● Blueberries

● Green Tea

● Cocoa

● Broccoli

● Almonds

● Onions

A disrupted microbiome, which is found in the gut, can lead to many chronic diseases.

There are a lot of lifestyle changes that you can make and with some effort, you can maintain a healthy gut.

Avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fresh unprocessed foods. Beans, legumes, and whole-grain foods should also be in your diet.

In any case, making lifestyle changes can be difficult on your own. Therefore, you can always hire a health coach. A health coach can help you with the lifestyle changes in a way that is easy and fun.

Your health is in your own hands!

How do you take care of your gut health? Let us know in the comments

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