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Growing vegetables, berries & flowers on the balcony

Updated: 6 days ago

Summertime and the good weather is around the corner. What is better than relaxing in your own balcony surrounded by beautiful flowers and greens with a good book in your hand after the whole day at the office?

Growing your own food has not only to benefit from saving some extra cash by not needing to buy greens and some of the vegetables but it also allows us to put our minds somewhere else. It works exactly the same way as doing sports. By preparing the soil, selecting the seeds we want to plant, making sure the trays are correctly and firmly attached to our balconies, we concentrate on performing these tasks and it allows us to create the moment where we can escape our daily routine. It works as a therapist.

Here are 3 benefits for growing your own food

More variable diet - knowing that your greens and veggies are just outside in your balcony, there is a higher chance you will want to reach for them more often as you prepare your meals. In this way, your diet will be richer in fibre and other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that greens can provide for you.

Saving money - by spending a little bit of money on seeds and equipment in the spring, you can grow your own food throughout the summer harvesting some vegetables over and over again. Sometimes there is also plenty of seeds left to use in the next season.

Environmentally friendly – by growing your own food you reduce CO2 emission which is cost by the transportation of the food in the supply chain. You also control what kind of fertilizers you are using in your garden/balcony.

For me personally, the total game winner is the warm summer evening spent in your balcony chatting with your friends and enjoying summer nights. But how much nicer it is once you sit in your own little jungle paradise!

Every morning I go out on my balcony to see if my plants are needing water and just to check on them how are they growing. You really can feel the sense of accomplishment once you are able to pick your own veggies and fruit from your own balcony. I made a video where you can see my recent balcony transformation and preparation for the summer season.

Let me know in the comment section if you grow your own food and how do you like it?

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