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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Lessons I have learn in 2020 and my goals for upcoming 2021.

What a tremendous year it was, I would never have expected something like this would have happened to the world. My thoughts today are with anyone who has lost someone because of this global pandemic. No matter what or how this had happened this was a wake-up call for society and for the whole world. I guess the biggest learning for all of us is to see up close how our lives are truly vulnerable and we are just a tiny piece of the whole big universe structure. I hope that this year will give all of us our unique lessons to learn. Personally, for me, the biggest realization was that we have only one life to live on this earth in this body. So why not have the best one?

Before I sit down to talk to you guys, I have watched my very first video on the Youtube channel. It really feels like watching back a version of myself 10 years ago even though it has been only 9 months. Seeing how I was absolutely nervous to film that video, trying to put in some jokes to lighten up the mood, it is hilarious to me now. However, I have listed there some of my goals for 2020. One of them was to give up alcohol for the whole year just to see if I am capable of doing that and also to see if it can improve my psoriasis condition. Another one was to lose body fat. I am not entirely sure what was the reason that I have called out only these goals because I am sure it was why more.

For example, losing body fat, has become the journey from trying water fasting, becoming vegan, hiring a personal trainer, and learning so much more about my health and muscle groups, and nutrition. In a way, it shaped most of the topics I was talking about on the Youtube channel over the last year. I guess I was too shy at the point to admit even to myself what this journey that still continues and will continue for the rest of my life was truly about.

Another point, as I have mentioned was about giving up alcohol. I feel like on one hand it was the craziest year to do so as I know a lot of people who found comfort in the glass of wine during this year, well because of the whole global situation. On the other hand, it was probably the easiest year because all of the festivals were cancelled, bars were closed, the gathering was limited. But at the end of the day, I think it all comes down to the right mind set, and if you have one, it is easy. I can say, I am going to have my first drink soon, and I have mixed feelings about it. Will this be delicious and I will feel I was missing this so much? Or will it be something I will regret that I have started again because I will get a crazy headache? We will see, I will definitely make a video about it documenting my first glass of alcohol after the full year of not drinking.

Well, other things that I learnt this year goes beyond my expectations. We were so many first times for me, let me try to list them chronologically:

  1. First business trip to Berlin;

  2. Staying in Lithuania for almost 6 weeks, that’s the longest I have been since moving to the Netherlands;

  3. Started a new job role, completely remotely;

  4. Hiring a personal trainer;

  5. Drew the first 700km together as the road trip;

  6. Built the Murphy style bed;

  7. Working from home since March;

  8. Saved-up half a year worth of living expenses in case something happens.

  9. I have challenged myself to create a video vlog of my day for Vlogmas!

I guess there was something I have missed on that I don’t remember right now but it definitely helps when you are documenting your life to remember what you actually have done!

Phew… what a year! I feel like above all of that, there is something that has cracked inside of me that has unleashed the source of creativity. I just feel like my mind is just this big ideas-generating machine that almost every day before I go to sleep there is something new that pops-up in my head and I try to make a note of it and probably will become a video idea for the future!

And oh you guys, there is something in me just whispering that next year will be even better than this one! I strongly believe that most of us have learned so much and we changed the way we live and most of us were like: oh, I have never thought that this could be possible? And it became the reality.

For the next year, I have several ideas for what I want to do and I want to share them with you:

  1. Continue to stay working on me in terms of my health, my weight, my muscles. To maintain the good work I did in 2020 and maybe even improve. For example, a 6-pack? :)

  2. Start the Master’s program online;

  3. Reach the B2 level of the Dutch language by attending Dutch courses and pass the integration exam;

  4. Create a course about Personal Finances to help people to achieve personal financial goals;

  5. Consistently grow the Youtube channel at least one video per week;

  6. Grow Practical-Wellness blog to attract a bigger audience;

  7. Instagram growth by posting regularly with quality content;

  8. Write a book - I cannot tell you what idea I have it but it has nothing to do with health or finances or anything like that;

  9. Read 1 book per month;

  10. Say more NO to things that do not feel right and say more YES to the things that come as less planned or as a surprise;

  11. Travel if possible and safe.

A year has definitely been one of the kind but I guess when life throws lemons at us, let’s just make the best damn lemonade out of them.

Thank you so much for all of you spending this year together with and everyone new who comes on board to get tools and resources to navigate life like a boss!




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