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Everything I use to create Youtube videos as a small Youtuber

Almost a year ago I uploaded my very first Youtube video on Practical-Wellness channel. That's where the funny roller-coaster has begun. Check out this latest video where I explain what I am using as a small Youtube when creating the videos.

Here are some of the tools I use:

1) Softbox lighting equipment

I got these as one of the first purchases because I felt having a good lighting increases a quality of the video. I have been using this set weekly since the beginning of creating videos.

Check out a great deal here:

2) Canon M50 Camera

I really fell in love with this camera. At first it has been quite a challenge to understand how everything works and I should almost 1 year later I am at the point where I can say that I know maybe 70% of what this camera is capable of. It is super light when vlogging and always fits in my hand and even in the pocket of the jacket. Check out this camera here:

3) Camera Tripod

This flexible device is literally one of the best. The metal strong corpus keeps camera steady and firm on any angle you want. I used it so many times, especially in my kitchen when filming recipe videos, is the best!

Check the options here:

4) Phone Tripod

Sometimes I do Instagram or Facebook Live streams using my phone only, so Camera tripod is not always the best option. I also have this little phone/camera tripod just for that.

Check out this device here:

5) RODE Microphone

Audio is as much important as the video! So it is wise to invest in a high-quality microphone. This is the microphone I am using in my videos:

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