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90 Days Total Energy Transformation Program

  • 12Weeks


This program is designed to transform your life in 90 days. The program provides a holistic understanding of the human mind and teaches you how to overcome limiting beliefs so that you can live your best life. You will learn how to stop giving up, not to do any diet ever again and create long-lasting health-promoting habits. Health Is Everything We Have In this program, you are going to learn different ways to conquer your inner critics and not let them get in your way. Health coaching is a process of taking a professional coach to help you gain skills and overcome challenges that create an obstacle in your life. Using health coaching you can find direction, embrace change, build health-promoting habits and get into action. Health coaching is a type of coaching that helps you build, enhance or restore confidence in yourself. The coach uses skills and techniques from various disciplines including positive psychology, body-mind connection, and health coaching to foster the experience of becoming the healthiest version of yourself. In effect, the coach supports the client in finding their own answers to questions such as "What should I eat for my unique body?" or "How can I learn to trust my intuition when making decisions?"

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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