Mindful Meditation and Yoga Studio

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Photos and Testimonials

Below are photos taken at a Healthy Living Lifestyle Luncheon at St. Catherine's Manor in Washington C.H., OH.


What benefits have you noticed in regard to your mental or emotional responses? 

"I have noticed that my need to command every word, thought, and action have slowly been evaporating, allowing me to enjoy the flow that life brings to me." 

Trey, OH

Did you find what you learned through the course beneficial?

"YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has literally saved my life and possibly 3-6 others." 

Eric, SD

Please describe your instructor. Were they compassionate? Clear? Attentive to your needs? Etc.

​"Shannon personifies what a teaching meditator should look and act like--her peaceful energy is radiant and calming!"

Anne, OH

"She (Shannon) made me feel very relaxed and adapted the instruction to my individual needs and abilities." "Excellent course-- well worth the distance traveled."

Steve, OH


"We highly recommend Shannon Jacobs for her professionalism, caring and leadership in the teaching of mindfulness/meditation practice. Our experiences with her classes have demonstrated, in a short period of time,her ability to motivate and keep people on a path of calmness, less anxiety, and, in general, a better outlook on life and it's problems.

My wife was diagnosed with metastatis cancer about a year ago, and we discovered that meditation guided by Mrs. Jacobs was the greatest source of stability and coping we could do to help ourselves(aside from being under the care of the wonderful James Cancer Center)."

Geoff and Sharon, OH